Vital Proteins Professional VS Regular - What's the Difference?

Vital Proteins Professional VS Regular - What's the Difference?

Vital Proteins' Professional line is a line of collagen powders and supplements that is designed specifically for use by healthcare professionals in a clinical setting. These products are formulated with high-quality ingredients and are backed by clinical research to support their effectiveness.

The main difference between Vital Proteins' Professional line and its regular line of products is the intended audience and the level of purity and potency of the products. The Vital Proteins Professional line of products centered around clinically-studied bioactive collagen peptides offering specific, targeted benefits. Each product is made with research-backed ingredients in efficacious amounts. The entire portfolio is available in flavorless and odorless powders, and can easily be incorporated as a foundational component of your wellness regimen.

These are the bioactive collagen peptides that'll be found only in the professional line:

FORTIBONE simultaneously stimulates osteoblast (bone building cells) formation while reducing osteoclast (bone resorbing cells) activity. This helps increases bone mineral density and collagen formation.**^
VERISOL stimulates the fibroblast cells in the dermal layer of the skin to increase their collagen production.** ^ This results in higher production of dermal collagen to help combat what is lost through aging and environmental influences.** ^ This helps reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and boosts skin elasticity.**^
FORTIGEL targets the unique cells of chondrocytes, stimulating the synthesis of endogenous collagen and activating the growth of new cartilage, helping maintain optimal joint mobility.** ^
COLLAGEN PEPTIDES contain a proprietary blend of collagen peptides that act on multiple targets, communicating to cells of many different tissue types to stimulate collagen synthesis.**
^Results may vary. Various studies have suggested benefits following daily consumption of collagen for several months. Refer to product labels and for recommended serving sizes and for more information.


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